We shall receive direct orders from a Physician or appropriate healthcare provider in the form of prescription, letter of referral or written or verbal order before providing an orthotic or prosthetic service. The orders document the patient is ready for orthotic or prosthetic care and management.

It is the Physician’s or appropriate healthcare provider’s responsibility to determine the medical need and appropriateness of orthotic or prosthetic care. It is our responsibility to recommend the appropriate design of an orthosis or prosthesis, either directly or in consultation with the referring physician.Changes in patient’s condition.

We frequently have an opportunity to observe the patient’s physical condition in connection with the provision of orthotic and or prosthetic care and should be particularly alert, at such time, to determine whether unusual situations appear to exist that are related to the services being provided. We shall notify the Physician or referring agent of any changes in the patient’s condition connected with their medical management, which appears to require further medical evaluation and treatment.